Validated SSP Programmes

Choosing the best programme for your school is a key decision for all school leaders.

Phonics should be taught as part of the approach to develope early reading, as part of an systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP). An SSP programme is one that provides:

• all that is essential to teach SSP to children in reception and key stage 1 years of mainstream primary schools;
• sufficient support for children in reception and key stage 1 to become fluent readers;
• a structured route for most children to meet or exceed the expected standard in the year one phonics screening check;
• all national curriculum expectations for word reading through decoding by the end of key stage 1


'The school's leadership team is confident that their chosen SSP programme will ensure success for all pupils, particularly the lowest 20% pupils. They adopt one systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programme that they teach with fidelity, consistency and continuity from Reception to Y2.'  English Hub Challenge Checklist 2020  


Phonics should be taught as part of the approach to develop early reading

List of validated SSP Programmes

Please find below the current list of validated SSP programmes, as of September 2022. To find the best SSP programme for you and your school, please select from the options below. For more information, please get in contact. 

Please click here for contact details for each validated SSP programme.

Or Click here for further details on the Government website.



“We both felt the time and effort that your brilliant team went to, provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations. We both look forward to working with you again soon”.

Headteacher- Stockport

“Thank you for a fabulous day, it was informative and thought provoking. The demonstrations were particularly helpful in phonics and the guided Reading ”.

Phonics Lead- Tameside

“I would like to thank all concerned for the day on Friday, because not only was it well-organised and full of useful information, but everyone from Lacey Green was very open to supporting those of us attending the course, readily offering advice and listening to our thoughts. This made the day extremely useful and enjoyable”.

Headteacher- Cheshire East

“Thank you for allowing us to attend your showcase on Friday. It was very useful and gave us lots of food for thought!”

Deputy Headteacher- St Helens

“The support we have received from Lacey Green English Hub has been invaluable. We now have a very strong team of reading teachers who love teaching phonics. The impact it has had on our children has been amazing and this year we've got the best phonics score we have ever had. We can't thank you enough.”.

Assistant Headteacher and Reading Leader- Stockport

“We have benefitted tremendously from the support of the Lacey Green English Hub in many ways. I have been upskilled as a Reading Leader and feel confident to deliver quality practice sessions and coach in RWI lessons. Our staff are very welcoming to coaching and are keen to improve with the coaching steps they have worked on. I am able to scrutinise our phonics data to ensure that we are targeting specific children and groups of children for extra support so that they keep up with their peers. Since working with the English Hub we have seen a 23% increase in our Phonics Screening Check data.”

Reading and EYFS Lead- Cheshire


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