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Key features of the SSP programme

SfA and FFT are not-for-profit organisations with 20 years’ experience in supporting schools with literacy and improving educational outcomes. We believe that success in life is built on a solid foundation of learning. A first critical step is to learn how to read. From our research we know that children who cannot read at the expected standard by the end of Year 2 have a much lower chance of achieving a Grade 4 or above in GCSE English. Our mission is to give all children a solid, full start to literacy and learning to read.   SfA and FFT provide schools with evidence-based literacy programmes which are fully aligned to the National Curriculum and help schools to teach English from Reception to the end of Key Stage 3. Our literacy programmes have been proven to be effective in a wide range of schools, including those schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children.
SfA Phonics
SfA Phonics has been used by primary schools in England for 15 years. The new, revised version of SfA Phonics is a partnership between Success for All and FFT. SfA Phonics has been updated to meet all DFE requirements for a complete Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme. It is designed for daily use from the beginning of Reception through to the end of Year 2. Children working at the expected level will master all the phonic knowledge and skills required for success in the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. SfA Phonics can also be used effectively to teach children who are new to English or learning phonics for the first time.

This phonics programme is provided as a cost-effective subscription service which includes: 
• Online access to SfA Phonics teaching materials and resources (including our fully decodable reading books) for all staff in your school
• An online assessment tool to assess, monitor and track pupils’ progress and reading skills
• A reading catch-up tutoring programme (for pupils in the lowest 20% attainment band)
• Flexible training and support (online and face-to-face) for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders

Schools can purchase additional printed materials including the decodable reading books and teaching resources directly from SfA. The package options outlined below provide costs for the subscription service and printed materials for schools.

What’s included in SfA Phonics?
• SfA Phonics School Manual: programme overview for school leaders and staff
• Scope and Sequence for teaching SfA Phonics from Reception to the end of Year 2
• 68 fully decodable reading books (Shared Stories) published and printed by SfA (available online and as printed books for use in school and at home)
• Teacher manuals with a weekly teaching sequence, daily lesson plans and all supporting teaching resources
• Initial and ongoing training and support for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders from SfA, with options for online training and in-school face-toface training as required
• Online assessment tool to assess pupils’ reading skills every 8 weeks including phonics awareness, decoding, reading fluency and comprehension skills
• Online reports for teachers and school leaders to monitor and track pupils’ progress and reading skills
• FFT Tutoring with the Lightning Squad – a reading catch-up tutoring programme (approved by the National Tutoring Programme), which can be used to provide additional support to pupils with reading skills below age-related expectations

Training offer
All schools implementing SfA Phonics are provided with a structured programme of initial training for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders, as well as an ongoing programme of support. The training is critical to ensuring that SfA Phonics is implemented in an effective and sustainable way which will improve literacy outcomes for all children.

The new version of SfA Phonics will be launched for schools in November 2021. They will be running a series of free online workshops for schools which provide an overview of SfA Phonics from September 2021. Schools will be able to review sample materials for SfA Phonics on the website in September 2021 including programme overview, scope and sequence, decodable reading books and teaching resources. 

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“We both felt the time and effort that your brilliant team went to, provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations. We both look forward to working with you again soon”.

Headteacher- Stockport

“Thank you for a fabulous day, it was informative and thought provoking. The demonstrations were particularly helpful in phonics and the guided Reading ”.

Phonics Lead- Tameside

“I would like to thank all concerned for the day on Friday, because not only was it well-organised and full of useful information, but everyone from Lacey Green was very open to supporting those of us attending the course, readily offering advice and listening to our thoughts. This made the day extremely useful and enjoyable”.

Headteacher- Cheshire East

“Thank you for allowing us to attend your showcase on Friday. It was very useful and gave us lots of food for thought!”

Deputy Headteacher- St Helens


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