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Key features of the SSP programme
About the author of the Phonics International programme, Debbie Hepplewhite: 
The Phonics International website itself includes a significant amount of information and training content for full and transparent review. The best way to ascertain whether the programme fulfils the core criteria for validation is to register for membership (which is free) and to look at what is available and how it is organised: 

The Phonics International programme is based on Debbie Hepplewhite’s ‘two pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching and learning’. The programme’s body of work provides an exceptional range of coordinated teaching and learning projectable and printable, resources. Guidance for teachers is to understand which are the ‘core’ and ‘essential’ resources that equip the routine code-to-word-to-text level content of the routine ‘teaching and learning cycle’ in contrast to the rich array of additional resources which may be useful for supplementary mainstream, targeted support or intervention provision. A fundamentally important feature of Debbie’s rationale is to put the rich cumulative, fit-for-purpose content of the core paper-based resources direct into children’s hands for their own repeated and embedded practice to raise the likelihood of effective teaching and learning. These core resources are collated in the children’s phonics folders which then go back and forth between school and home routinely via the children’s bookbags to inform parents/carers as a minimum expectation - and to aspire to work in partnership with them. 

Initial guidance is provided via ‘The BIG Pink Button’ on the homepage to identify the ‘core’ resources and suggested practices, ‘How to set up and use your core and essential Phonics International resources’: 
The Phonics International programme ‘In a Nutshell’.

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“We both felt the time and effort that your brilliant team went to, provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations. We both look forward to working with you again soon”.

Headteacher- Stockport

“Thank you for a fabulous day, it was informative and thought provoking. The demonstrations were particularly helpful in phonics and the guided Reading ”.

Phonics Lead- Tameside

“I would like to thank all concerned for the day on Friday, because not only was it well-organised and full of useful information, but everyone from Lacey Green was very open to supporting those of us attending the course, readily offering advice and listening to our thoughts. This made the day extremely useful and enjoyable”.

Headteacher- Cheshire East

“Thank you for allowing us to attend your showcase on Friday. It was very useful and gave us lots of food for thought!”

Deputy Headteacher- St Helens


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