No Nonsense Phonics

‘No Nonsense Phonics’ is a complete SSP programme published by Raintree and Phonics International Ltd
The full ‘No Nonsense Phonics’ programme consists of complementary resources, some published by Raintree (‘No Nonsense Phonics Skills’) and other resources by Phonics International Ltd.

This is a stand-alone systematic synthetic phonics programme for mainstream, and/or targeted support and intervention as required – scope age 4+ to 7 (Y3/4 for intervention): For information about the author and trainer of ‘No Nonsense Phonics’, Debbie Hepplewhite; 

Published by Raintree

The ‘No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit’ provides (in sets of 6) 9 systematic, hard copy Pupil Books which include code, and word level reading and spelling ‘Multi-skills Activities’ pages, alternating with 109 matched plain texts ‘Mini Stories’ and ‘Spelling Word Banks’ activities; 9 parallel Teacher Books; 6 hard copy tabletop Alphabetic Code Charts; a USB stick with an extensive range of additional printable and projectable teaching and assessment resources. 

Published by Phonics International Ltd

Supplementary ready-made resources include giant pull-up, or hang down, Alphabetic Code Charts; tabletop Alphabet visual aid (letters shown on writing lines with lower case and capital letter formation); 
Frieze with graphemes, their key pictures and key words correlating with the mnemonic system on the Alphabetic Code Charts and in the Pupil Books, selected helpful and high frequency printed words; double-sided Flash Cards including the feature graphemes, key pictures and words, capital and lower case letter formation, printed words to model blending, words for the teacher to model oral segmenting and spelling; double-sided Mini Code Cards provide additional quick-fire activities; double-sided Sounds Mats featuring graphemes with key pictures and words as a ‘teach and learn’ side, and the reverse ‘assess’ side featuring the graphemes only. A series of cumulative, decodable reading books are in the process of being published by Phonics International Ltd as a complementary resource. 

For full information and free training video, PowerPoints and audio-slides on this page to enable transparent review, please visit 

No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit (includes USB Stick), Pupil and Teacher Books and English Alphabetic code charts available from 
Contact: Carol Bee, 07850 914478
Full range of No Nonsense Phonics (+Skills) and training available from Phonics International Ltd at 

All supplementary ready-made resources: 

Ready-made giant Alphabetic Code Charts (pull-up or hang-down)
Tabletop Alphabetic Code Charts
Tabletop Alphabet letter formation
Flash Cards
Mini Code Cards
Sounds Mats
Reading Books
(Plus, ‘Phonics and Talk Time’ nursery books)
Contact: David Hepplewhite, 01635 800033

Note: Phonics International Ltd is in the process of publishing complementary decodable reading books. The nine No Nonsense Phonics Skills Pupil Books include 109 plain ‘matched text’ Mini Stories (printed on writing lines) for reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary enrichment and language comprehension.

Key features of the SSP programme
Pace and Progression: 
To see the alphabetic code introduced in the No Nonsense Phonics programme ‘at a glance’, look at the letter/s-sound correspondences on the Frieze and the guidance for its use – generally-speaking, featured letter/s-sound correspondences are introduced in a ‘two-session’ teaching and learning cycle (typically this might be over two days) to enable deep and embedded learning and ample ‘apply and extend’ opportunities:

Guidance for teachers:
For transparent review, video and free information and training PowerPoints (one with audio) for the No Nonsense Phonics Skills resources, see this page: 
Hard copy ready-made resources for the No Nonsense Phonics (Skills) programme: 

Assessment schedule
The paper-based series of nine No Nonsense Phonics Skills ‘Pupil Books’ enable rich practice and constant formative assessment engaging children and adults. 
Teachers can decide what summative records to keep and at what interval (for example, half termly) for their teacher records. Layers of assessment opportunities are built into the Pupil Books themselves with extra printable material available via the USB Stick in the No Nonsense Phonics Skills Starter Kit.
On the ‘Free Resources’ page, an additional range of assessments is available: 

Training offer
Free pre-recorded webinar with full course notes of Debbie Hepplewhite’s ‘two pronged systematic and incidental phonics’ approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and handwriting: 

Remote offer: 
Debbie provides bespoke live webinars – the content arranged with conversations beforehand to identify the school’s needs (for example, initial training for new implementation, follow-up training, addressing any questions arising). 

Contact (Raintree Publisher)
Email Carol Bee: 
Phone: 07850 914478
Email for additional support: 
Phone: 01635 800033
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