Essential Letters and Sounds

Key features of the SSP programme
Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) is a complete SSP programme developed by specialist teachers at the Knowledge Schools Trust, one of the Department for Education’s English Hubs. The programme has been thoroughly piloted in schools and led to significantly increased phonics screening scores. It has at its heart the aim that all children learn to read well, quickly.

Key features:
• Whole-class high-quality teaching with well-structured daily lesson plans
• Consistent terminology used by teachers, children and parents 
• Consistent resources that support the teaching of ELS
• Effective use of repetition throughout the programme 
• Regular and manageable assessment to ensure that all children keep up rather than catch up 
• High-quality training to ensure that all staff are confident in teaching phonics

• Engaging resources to support effective classroom delivery: friezes, flashcards and activity books
• Wide range of carefully-matched decodable books published by Oxford University Press for children to apply their phonics learning and experience reading success
• Daily front-of-class lessons via the whiteboard to help provide consistency and pace
• Built-in keep up and review sequence to ensure all children make progress, especially the lowest-attaining 20%

Package options
• Training package: provided by the Knowledge Schools Trust. 
• Online teaching and assessment resources: annual subscription
• eBook library for Letters & Sounds: annual subscription
• Teaching resources pack: flashcards, friezes and posters
• Activity Books pack: 4x activity books
• Decodable readers: package prices vary
Please visit for details and to discuss which packages will best suit your school.

Essential Letters and Sounds aligns with a large number of texts from Oxford University Press, that will already be in use at most schools. Schools will be able to use these seamlessly to support the phonics instruction our programme offers.

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“We both felt the time and effort that your brilliant team went to, provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations. We both look forward to working with you again soon”.

Headteacher- Stockport

“Thank you for a fabulous day, it was informative and thought provoking. The demonstrations were particularly helpful in phonics and the guided Reading ”.

Phonics Lead- Tameside

“I would like to thank all concerned for the day on Friday, because not only was it well-organised and full of useful information, but everyone from Lacey Green was very open to supporting those of us attending the course, readily offering advice and listening to our thoughts. This made the day extremely useful and enjoyable”.

Headteacher- Cheshire East

“Thank you for allowing us to attend your showcase on Friday. It was very useful and gave us lots of food for thought!”

Deputy Headteacher- St Helens


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